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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

warm christmas - midnight stories

Then he came to the room where I was hiding, he - fucking disgusting mustache man - a fat, sweaty fuck !

I was so close to avoid getting cought but he got me on the first flow between furniture , between a chair and partition wall.

I squated in the corner looking at his face directed at me.

Two or three seconds of an eye contact - his face was dead, no emotion at all - which make me felt even more meaningless in his eyes,in his crystal heart world - at least he could broadcast sort of type of joy when he was pointing this gun at me...

Two shots...

Bang - Bang !!! Its over ..

.. warm blood sailed out of my head covering left side of my face -
"ohh ....Nice " - I thought about the feeling of the sailing all over my body - red, metalic taste liquid...

-as the room in winter season - was cold - and thankfully santa came this year - the blood warmed up my frozen scared to death face.

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