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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Paulski - Beyon the Earth - TRAILER

Upcoming documentary about me and what I do with liquids and myself as a creator of anything that comes to my head.

Release January 2011.

warm christmas - midnight stories

Then he came to the room where I was hiding, he - fucking disgusting mustache man - a fat, sweaty fuck !

I was so close to avoid getting cought but he got me on the first flow between furniture , between a chair and partition wall.

I squated in the corner looking at his face directed at me.

Two or three seconds of an eye contact - his face was dead, no emotion at all - which make me felt even more meaningless in his eyes,in his crystal heart world - at least he could broadcast sort of type of joy when he was pointing this gun at me...

Two shots...

Bang - Bang !!! Its over ..

.. warm blood sailed out of my head covering left side of my face -
"ohh ....Nice " - I thought about the feeling of the sailing all over my body - red, metalic taste liquid...

-as the room in winter season - was cold - and thankfully santa came this year - the blood warmed up my frozen scared to death face.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Day 1

Video blogging.

Slide arts and music arts

The brick lane gallery - London 13th april 2010

Sunday, 21 February 2010

virtual tree

Lately, as I am shaken and raped by miserable grey sky colors I realized that I am i need for a more bright, intense colors. RED- GREEN- BLUE.. colors that pour happiness and live into my head. For this reason without even realizing I get some more materials for my slides, which in result - gave me the missing desires.  I automatically imagined the world without the sun and with its sun, nature, - replacements. - as in technology wise...
" What is the point of having real tree in the garden when I can project it and have a virtual one, at the same time I can move it around my garden without digging it out, no need to look after it .. YES PLEASE " -
Only just to make yourself comfortable, more lazy and make yourself more ignorant !! that is where it all goes - time saving, money saving bullshit that in the result will cost me more personal life and health - just to achieve this prosaic happiness.
In the nature and the nature only-  i will find myself with all the answers.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Moniques Rael Guz - Feature about artists of creative industries that are doing it on their own.

Monique Rael Guz

1. Describe your talents in the arts whether illustration, paintings, photography,
film, music etc.. Be very specific and elaborate about the idea behind them and
what you hope it conveys to others.


Music composer,Performer,Visual Jokey, painter,
It conveys emotions, personal visions, encourage others to change their
lives for better/worst - it speaks about the system we are living in. It is
pure though and vision,idea, nonsense, emotions, moments, doubts,
wishes and everyone sees it in their own way. My arts as well as carry all
of above messages, but it also does not tell the viewer what to think,
feel or whatever- it rather encourages them to use their own artistic
sense and visualize whatever they want. I am just a guide.

2. Are you self-taught or do you credit your talent to school/instruction?

Self-taught. Credit it to life and stars.

3. Do you feel people need school/education to be talented in the arts?
Do the arts belong in the school system? Or is it something
that is exclusively abstract and not academic?

No. The arts is an individual aspect. It is hard to define what Arts really is.
The art might be your feature that you are currently working on.Anything.
Teaching arts should not be necessary - as guide thorough
"how to mix the colors to achieve appropriate result ", but it rather
is a psychology of life, and inner world. ( What appropriate really is,
appropriate to whom ? -there are no limits of expression) however
I do not mind it to be the part of academic feature. Everyone is an artist,
everyone deserves to study what they fell like - why they should not be
entitled to try themselves out ?

4. Note anyone you know who was successful in the arts without a degree
if you know of anyone.

Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Pablo Piccasso, Salvador Dali,
Kurt Cobain, - oh god ! I love many of the artists recent and from the past, but I do not know
if they had arts degree or not ;/ - I think I need to educate myself a bit more in this direction..

5. Do you feel the rise of technology makes it so that the individual
can challenge old norms of the CV and the employer and etc?
Can you market yourself on your own?

5.Technology is a definitely a plus, in terms of helping out reaching out
the employers and any other job positions- as well as promote myself
and my arts to the wider audience.
Technology is the new medium - instrument that creates new arts and ideas. However, the digital era absorbs artistic manual skills of painting and
hand made designing - into the virtual pictures and virtual designs,
and it is easy to copy, it is easy accessible- these objects
which in my opinion they lose their mysticism and uniqueness
as there is no original piece.



Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Bassit and a Drummer haunt !

We're The Microdance:

We're looking for Drums: A hard hitter who also has pop savvy; kind of Jimmy Chamberlin meets jason mcgerr (not too much to ask!)

Bass: Highly textured tones with lines inspired by Peter Hook and The Cure played by a bassist who also doesn't mind rocking out with root notes when required.

Influences include: Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan, New Order, Silversun Pickups, The Cure, Jimmy Eat World, The Deftones,Death Cab For Cutie, Ryan Adams, Whiskeytown, Kate Bush, The Killers, Prince, The Kills, Pearl Jam, Postal Service, M83, Ryan Adams, Bon Iver, Dirty 90's grunge, good heavy metal... blah blah blah!

Great gigs lined up, 2 albums worth of material ready to go, loads of radio exposure and bits of label interest.

Thanks a lot,


Monday, 15 February 2010

Live Art- Visuals

I do my slides for -

Various performers and performance events,
Any Festivals,
Music venues,
Photographers and models,
Galleries Exhibitions.

Please remember that the darkness is a key point. 

As fewer amount of light in the room/hall then the colors and depth are greater.

It is beautiful.