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Sunday, 21 February 2010

virtual tree

Lately, as I am shaken and raped by miserable grey sky colors I realized that I am i need for a more bright, intense colors. RED- GREEN- BLUE.. colors that pour happiness and live into my head. For this reason without even realizing I get some more materials for my slides, which in result - gave me the missing desires.  I automatically imagined the world without the sun and with its sun, nature, - replacements. - as in technology wise...
" What is the point of having real tree in the garden when I can project it and have a virtual one, at the same time I can move it around my garden without digging it out, no need to look after it .. YES PLEASE " -
Only just to make yourself comfortable, more lazy and make yourself more ignorant !! that is where it all goes - time saving, money saving bullshit that in the result will cost me more personal life and health - just to achieve this prosaic happiness.
In the nature and the nature only-  i will find myself with all the answers.

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