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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Moniques Rael Guz - Feature about artists of creative industries that are doing it on their own.

Monique Rael Guz

1. Describe your talents in the arts whether illustration, paintings, photography,
film, music etc.. Be very specific and elaborate about the idea behind them and
what you hope it conveys to others.


Music composer,Performer,Visual Jokey, painter,
It conveys emotions, personal visions, encourage others to change their
lives for better/worst - it speaks about the system we are living in. It is
pure though and vision,idea, nonsense, emotions, moments, doubts,
wishes and everyone sees it in their own way. My arts as well as carry all
of above messages, but it also does not tell the viewer what to think,
feel or whatever- it rather encourages them to use their own artistic
sense and visualize whatever they want. I am just a guide.

2. Are you self-taught or do you credit your talent to school/instruction?

Self-taught. Credit it to life and stars.

3. Do you feel people need school/education to be talented in the arts?
Do the arts belong in the school system? Or is it something
that is exclusively abstract and not academic?

No. The arts is an individual aspect. It is hard to define what Arts really is.
The art might be your feature that you are currently working on.Anything.
Teaching arts should not be necessary - as guide thorough
"how to mix the colors to achieve appropriate result ", but it rather
is a psychology of life, and inner world. ( What appropriate really is,
appropriate to whom ? -there are no limits of expression) however
I do not mind it to be the part of academic feature. Everyone is an artist,
everyone deserves to study what they fell like - why they should not be
entitled to try themselves out ?

4. Note anyone you know who was successful in the arts without a degree
if you know of anyone.

Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Pablo Piccasso, Salvador Dali,
Kurt Cobain, - oh god ! I love many of the artists recent and from the past, but I do not know
if they had arts degree or not ;/ - I think I need to educate myself a bit more in this direction..

5. Do you feel the rise of technology makes it so that the individual
can challenge old norms of the CV and the employer and etc?
Can you market yourself on your own?

5.Technology is a definitely a plus, in terms of helping out reaching out
the employers and any other job positions- as well as promote myself
and my arts to the wider audience.
Technology is the new medium - instrument that creates new arts and ideas. However, the digital era absorbs artistic manual skills of painting and
hand made designing - into the virtual pictures and virtual designs,
and it is easy to copy, it is easy accessible- these objects
which in my opinion they lose their mysticism and uniqueness
as there is no original piece.



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